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We are Manufacturer and Contract Manufacturer of Poultry Feed Supplements, Poultry Feed Additives, Animal Feed Supplements, Animal Feed Additives, Aqua Feed Supplements, etc.
About Us

Vetmex Animal Health is a world-class poultry farm and animal healthcare products manufacturer which provides exclusive goods for the wellbeing of the animals. Our firm fulfills the requirements of livestock producers, aqua & veterinarians, poultry farms and other professionals working in this field.

Who Are We

Vetmex Animal Health has emerged as one of the fastest growing companies in India which deals in poultry animal healthcare products. Our superior quality products include Injections, Bolus, liquid & powder feed supplements, etc. Our aim is to provide affordable and easily accessible healthcare items to the poultry farm animals. We do not want to make money as the barrier when it comes to taking care of the poultry animals.

We are an innovative research-based entity which is determined to provide new & effective products to develop a better world for poultry livestock.
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A Brief History

Vetmex Animal Health started its journey in 2011 as a small firm which deals in limited products. Our main goal is to offer products for aqua, poultry and large animals. Even with a limited stock of products, we want to meet the growing requirements of the customers. Our hard work and great domain experience help us to expand our product line and grow business exponentially.

Today, our company offers more products than any other organization. We manufacture exclusive products for small ruminants and canines. Since the launch, the company has been focused to offer veterinarians and pet owners with innovative products.

What Do We Do?

We demonstrate quality by developing innovative products which are user-friendly and environment-friendly. The company offers farmers, pet owners, poultry farms and veterinarians with a wide range of products to fight against animal diseases.

Our extensive range of products & solutions cover the majority of poultry farm & animal species products. We offer world-class treatment options to the clients at reasonable prices. 

The company also initiated a Lab to Land program under which we focus on innovating products for poultry farm animals. We want to contribute towards the betterment of the poultry farm animals and maximize the income of their owners.

Our Quality Policy

We always offer top-notch quality products to the customers. We strongly believe that quality is the foundation of any company. So, we improve the quality through latest innovations, modernizing the goods, researching about new methods and enhancing the life of poultry animals in every possible way. Our firm also has certifications and great experience. We assure high quality in our products which we strive to improve through our policies and standards via internal self-audits. 

Brands We Deal In

Vetmex Animal Health are the brand name under which we supply Enrofloxacin Oral Solution, Livofloxasin Bromexin, Poultry Medicine, Poultry Liver Tonic, Poultry Gout, Poultry Growth Promoters, Poultry Vitamins Primix, Toxin Bainder, Acidifyer, Enzymes, Probiotics, Poultry Feed Additives, Products for Poultry Farm and Animal Products, Powder, Calcium Cheleted, Liver Tonic, Antibiotic Liquid, Animal Injection manufacturers and suppliers. Today, our brands have become the favorite of buyers because of the quality products that we deliver keeping in view health requirement of animals.